Statute and mission


The Military Academy (MA) was established by the Law on Military Academy, which regulates its work in accordance with the Law on Higher Education and Law on Scientific and Research Activity in the Republic of Macedonia.
The MA will be accredited by the Ministry of Education and Science in accordance with the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS), an independent higher education and scientific research institutes.
MA realizes university studies of the first cycle (undergraduate), second cycle (master’s and specialization) and third cycle (Ph.D. studies).
The university diploma for students who complete MA education will be verified in the country, which will enable the cadets and students to have an opportunity for further education in the educational system of the Republic of Macedonia and foreign member states of the Bologna Process.


The Military Academy as the only military higher education and scientific institution in the Republic of Macedonia has the basic task of educating, training and improving staff for the needs of the MoD, Army of the Republic of Macedonia, the Crisis Management and Protection and Rescue System =, also to deal with the science and research  for defense needs according to law.