(English) Objectives

The general objective of the project is to develop advanced concepts of systems for early detection of forest fires that integrates sensor networks and mobile (drone) technologies for data collection, acquisition and analyses, which will be capable to improve the percentage of detecting of forest fires in areas of particular importance, to monitor areas with high and changing fire weather index, hot spots and areas already affected by forest fires, and to predict the behavior of forest fires. The system shares information and exchanges data between authorities, and at all levels of a national Crisis Management System. It improves the coordination mechanisms between local, regional and national authorities, enhanced partnerships between different public authorities and relevant stakeholders such as academia, research institutions, and the private sector, in particular for forest fires prevention in participating beneficiary’s states and eligible third countries.

Furthermore, our system concepts for early detection of forest fires will support open interfaces to existing CMIS in beneficiaries and end-user countries, and make it available for
all European states, and eligible third countries.

The specific objectives of the project are to:

  • Develop and test of new modules and advance sensors for detecting and monitoring of forest area of particular importance and integrate modules in existing Forest Fires
    Information Systems, in particular MKFFIS in Macedonia as a test bed.
  • Specify and experimental develop of a gateway between the sensor network and edge data network that will support interoperability, standard interfaces, and could be a basic point of heterogeneous network integration.
    Develop delay-tolerant network solutions and gossip protocols for hop-by-hop spreading of urgent sensor data (fire alarms).
  • Categorize forest fires according to severity and by the degree of endangering forest areas of particular importance and other area with endemic speeches of threes.
  • Provide specification for possible solutions for faster, constant and uninterrupted data flows between different agencies, services, institutions, sectors, and others integrated entities in Crisis Management System, which will significantly improve and support decision making process for fighting against the fires.
  • Establish a mechanism for systematic collection of disaster related data by adopting international and European regulations (such as methodologies, guidelines, procedure for cooperation and coordination) to the target area by developing and implementing IT tools for collection, processing and dissemination of data.
  • Improve substantially the use of disaster data for Crisis Management by sharing the best practices in cross-sector and cross-boundary risk management (in beneficiary’s countries and other European countries).
  • Develop of the integrated system architecture concepts, specification of functionality, standard interfaces and protocols, partial experimental analyses using sensors and mobile device (like a drone), and concept simulations in extreme environment.
  • Develop of the scenarios of system testing, verification, validation at different levels.
  • Research for cloud technology for processing of huge amount of data and possibility of the use of the cloud computing system and database.
    • Specify of cloud services and a way of possible integration to the existing solutions.