Macedonian language Learning Programs

All the first-cycle students (cadets) at the Military Academy attend English language classes and their language proficiency at the end of each year is comparable to the NATO STANAG 6001 standard, acquiring language skills necessary for attending courses taught in English language, as well as communication skills necessary to reach the learning objectives and socialize in the mobility period.

The Military Academy uses several means of assessing the language ability of the students (cadets) nominated for a mobility program, including the ALCPT test (American language placement test), NATO STANAG 6001test, as well as a mandatory oral proficiency interview conducted by the language teaching staff of the Military Academy.

Regarding the incoming students (cadets) the Military Academy organizes and conducts a two-week or 75 classes Macedonian language course which amounts to 3 ECTS.

Besides the Macedonian language course, the teaching program in the mobility period includes learning the following languages: English language, German language and Albanian language.

The Macedonian language course is an obligatory subject for all students (cadets) currently attending programs at the Military Academy based on bilateral agreements with the partner countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and Montenegro).