Project proposal results/outcomes:

  • innovative approaches for addressing the target groups, by providing more attractive education and training programmes, in line with individual needs and expectations;
  • support the capacity building of children, youth and persons with disabilities;
  •  use of participatory approaches and ICT-based methodologies;
  • greater effectiveness of activities for the benefit of local communities;
  • new or improved practices to cater the needs of disadvantaged groups and to deal with differences in learning outcomes linked to the geographical and socio-economic disparities;
  • integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities;
  • strategic planning of professional development for staff in line with individual needs and organisational objectives;
  • reinforced cooperation with partners from other countries, other fields of education, training and youth and/or other socio-economic sectors;
  • greater understanding and responsiveness to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural diversity;
  • more active participation in society;
  • improved competences, linked to professional profiles (teaching, training, youth work, etc.);
  • better understanding of practices, policies and systems in education, training or youth across countries;
  • increased motivation and satisfaction in daily work;
  • Foster the inclusion of children, youth and persons with disabilities.