Цели – Resistant

RESISTANT aims to satisfy the following objectives as these have been set up by the UCPM-2020-KN-AG call for proposals. For clarity purposes the objectives have divided into operational and strategic:

Operational Objectives (OO)

● OO.1: To support civil protection and disaster risk management actors that promote and facilitate the development, dissemination and exchange of knowledge, good practices and expertise.

● OO.2: Update and expand a training programme through further development of emergency scenarios to reflect the latest state of the art (e.g. develop intervention strategies and training tactics for search and rescue, tools for assessment of hazards and risks focusing on cross-border situations and using South East Europe as the reference area for the development of a case study). This training program will be integrated into the facilities of VCR (Virtual Control Room), which is installed in the International Hellenic University and is unique in Greece.

● OO.3: Implement an educational platform, where educational and training programs for primary, secondary schools, residents of endangered areas, citizens with disabilities of the aforementioned areas and tourists, as well as, for municipalities’ employees, could be demonstrated with the help of Augmented Reality (AR) Techniques. These AR techniques could facilitate strongly the purpose of Citizens; and students’ awareness and preparedness, helping them to create a permanent knowledge hot to protect themselves and their families from natural disasters and technological hazards.

● OO.4: Mapping and status of current initiatives, procedures and resources for coordination, education and training for natural disasters and technological risk mitigation. It has emerged a need for understanding the current activities – initiatives, procedures, and resources – that are being held, or planned, in the network’s participating countries in the area of disaster management. The mapping’s objective is to identify the current activities in each participating country in the area of disaster management, and disasters’ education and training. The mapping will serve as a basis for collaboration, knowledge sharing/exchanging and training among the network member countries. All data will be analyzed using gap analysis methodologies. A comprehensive report will allow decision and policymakers to evaluate the current state, challenges and opportunities for collaborative disaster management across Europe.

Strategic Objectives (St)

● SO.1: To support new and consolidate existing partnerships in civil protection and disaster risk management that enhance cooperation and synergies in prevention, preparedness and response.

● SO.2: Establish a European network of trainers for first and second responders, supported by stakeholders from EU and beyond, to share best practices and facilitate dissemination of knowledge and experience generated within the RESISTANT project and relevant follow-up projects from EU to national level;

● SO.3: Educate and train tomorrow’s responder trainers through established and regularly updated comprehensive educational, operational and virtual reality training. These trainers should replicate this European safety training in their own country and in their own language to facilitate and improve the efficiency of the local training process, to underpin the introduction of the technology and its public acceptance;

● SO.4: Establish strong links between first responders’ activities from different countries and constituencies and research and educational projects; Valuing the responders’ experience and their feedback to enrich and harmonise harm criteria, models for hazards and risk assessment, expand communications to other stakeholders, including but not limited to legislators, technology experts, insurance companies, citizens and students to raise awareness and increase preparedness.