Очекувани резултати – RESISTANT

The expected outcomes (EO) of RESISTANT are:

 ● EO.1: The implementation of a Trans-European Network of trainers for first and second responders, the focus will be initially on Southern Eastern Europe but a detailed pan-European roadmap will be implemented as part of the dissemination, knowledge sharing and communication activities of the project. The implementation of EO.1 will satisfy objectives OO.1, SO.1, SO.2, SO.4.


 ● EO.2: Design and implementation of innovative training programs for natural disaster and technological risks prevention and mitigation especially focusing on cross-border events that will be implemented in Virtual Control Room (VCR) with an integrated state of the art emergency management system. In consultation with the European Commission, training will actively pursue complementarity with the rescEU programme. The implementation of EO.2 will satisfy objectives OO.2, OO.3, SO.3.


 ● EO.3: Implementation and deployment of a dual-purpose platform which will incorporate the training programs described in EO.2 along with a series of educational and awareness programs enhanced with AR techniques for students’, citizens’, tourists’ preparedness. The platform will feature a different interface according to the purpose of use (training purposes, or educational purposes). The implementation of EO.2 will satisfy objectives OO.2, OO.3, SO.3


 ● EO.4 A comprehensive report with data derived from the mapping training exercises will allow decision and policymakers to evaluate the current state, challenges and opportunities for collaborative disaster management across Europe. The mapping exercises objective is to identify current activities in each participating country in the area of disaster management, and disasters’ education and training. Results and the mapping itself will serve as a basis for collaboration, knowledge sharing/exchanging and training among the network member countries.