The Ambassador of the United States of America, HE Jess Bailey visited the Military Academy and had a short lecture

The military academy, with its work in the past years, has been attracting the attention of the public, and from that aspect more and more frequent are visits and lectures by eminent professors and diplomats who through their presentations share their experiences and attitudes on certain topics that enrich the educational process in the academy.

On April 20, 2018, the professors from the Military Academy, senior representatives from the Ministry of Defense and the Army of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as cadets of 4 years and third cycle students, had the opportunity to attend the presentation by the Ambassador of the United States of America States in the Republic of Macedonia, HE Jess Bailey on the topic “Relations between diplomacy and military operations”.

The ambassador in his thirty-minute speech stressed that geopolitical threats today require military and diplomatic solutions and that all US national strategies include synergy between diplomatic and military goals. In addition, he stressed that successes and failures in foreign policy directly affect military and defense institutions.

After the conclusion of the lecture, the cadets and students, as well as all the other guests, used the opportunity to ask questions, after which a discussion followed.