The Military Academy shares its experiences in overcoming the challenges in the educational process during the COVID pandemic

The Military Academy received great acknowledgment for being recognized for the quality and success in dealing with the challenges in the educational process during the pandemic. In November, the Military Academy as a positive example was invited to several events in order to share its experiences and how the Academy has dealt with these challenges in front of other countries and academic institutions.

In the period November 16-18, a NATO event was held on the topic ” COVID-19 Defence Education- Distance Learning Best Practices and Lessons Learned Workshop”, which was actively attended by over 200 participants from all NATO and Partner countries. The Military Academy, at the invitation of the NATO Defense Education Enhancement Program (DEEP), due to successfully addressed challenges in the education process during the pandemic, shared its experiences with NATO and partner countries. In addition to the Military Academy, were singled out and had their own presentations the Baltic Defense College, the U.S. Joint Forces Staff College, the Canadian Forces College, the Royal Military College Saint- Jean, the National Defense University of Ukraine, the National Defense Academy of Georgia, and the NATO Defense College from Rome.

In addition, the Military Academy was invited to give its presentation at the Third International Scientific and Practical Conference “Challenges in the implementation of ADL in the educational process of higher military educational institutions and possible ways to address them”, held on November 20, 2020. organized by the National Defense College of Ukraine.

On November 26, 2020, the Military Academy was also invited to share its positive experiences related to the realization of the educational process during the global pandemic on the Conference supported by RADLI (Regional Initiative for Advanced Distance Learning) and organized by the Ministry of defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina.