Military Academy co-organiser of the Regional Strategic Leadership Course (RSLC)

The Military Academy is once again proving its leadership role in the region in the field of defense and security education.

The first module of the Regional Strategic Leadership Course (RSLC) was successfully completed. It took part from the period May 30 to June 3, 2022, at the National Defense Academy in Vienna.

The Dean of the Military Academy Prof. Dr. Sc. Mitko Bogdanoski, Colonel, as one of the creators and co-directors of this course and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc. Dimitar Bogatinov, major, participated in this Module as observers. They will be responsible for the planning and implementation of Module 2, which will be held in Skopje from 03 – 07 October 2022. The third module will be held in November, in R. Serbia.

The course participants are senior civilian and military leaders from the strategic level of public administration, politics, business, and the media.

The first module was a highly informative program, which in addition to working together on a nationwide strategic process in case of a blackout, also included visits to the Permanent Representation of Austria at the OSCE, the AIES – Austrian Institute for European and Security Policy and the Industriellenvereinigung included.

This Regional Strategic Leadership Course (RSLC) was initiated on 26 September 2018 in the wake of the Western Balkans Defence Summit in Graz, where the defence ministers of Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia met. It was the first time since 2011 that all the relevant players in the region had come together. With its “whole of government” approach, the course is intended as a platform for top-level executives from the participating states. Mutual respect and trust – the foundations for regional cooperation – are to be promoted in this way.