Integrated final exercise: “Methods and procedures for reconnaissance, identification and decontamination of NBC agents”

During 24-25.03.2022 year from 09-14 hours in the Chojlija barracks in municipality of Petrovec was performed an integrated final exercise on the topic: “Methods and procedures of reconnaissance, identification and decontamination from the presence of NBC agents”. The integrated final exercise was conducted by the US DTRA (Defense, Threat, Reduction, Agency) and our Army NBC defense unit.

Beginning from 2006 onwards, the United States continuously actively contributes to the modernization of NBCD (Nuclear biological chemical defense) unit with material and technical equipment for radiological, chemical and biological: detection, identification, reconnaissance, surveillance and decontamination.

In recent years, NBC equipment donated from United States has been worth several million Euros. This equipment is completely incompatible and interoperable with developed NATO member states.

Some of the professors from Military academy were present at the final exercise, whose teaching subjects are related to this practical exercise. From the subject Radiological, chemical and biological decontamination, D-r Orce Popovski, full prof., colonel and D-r Rose Smileski, full. prof. and retired colonel, as well as the professors of NBC Tactics, D-r. Andrej Iliev, LtC, full. prof. and LtC. Igor Nikcevski. From the NBCD unit in the part of successful preparation and full realization of the exercise, the commanders cap. Ivan Zezov and cap. Genc Dilaveri gave a significant contribution to this event.

This exercise is result of many years of cooperation between the Military Academy, NBCD unit and United States in terms of improving the capacity and capabilities of the unit in equipping and modernizing with equipment, as well as in terms of comprehensive and effective prevention and response to possible future NBC threats for the national and security of NATO member states.

The integrated final exercise unites several practical parts from the subjects Radiological, Chemical and Biological Decontamination and NBC Tactics.

These subjects are from the eighth semester from the Study plan and program for NBC officers and they represents the basis for future development of NBC officer careers as well as their interoperability with NATO operational units specialized in prevention of NBC agents.

The purpose of this integrated final exercise is to present the practical work of competent institutions at national and international level for improving interoperability and standardization among the responsible national entities for early detection, identification, decontamination and prevention of NBC agents in accordance with NATO NBC STANAGS and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for NBC prevention on Protection and Rescue Directorate (PRD) and Crisis Management Center on Republic of North Macedonia. The main goal of the exercise is to make a coordinated integration on the tasks for competent national entities for effective management of NBC agents in accordance with the standards of developed NATO member states. In this regards, the main goals of the integrated final exercise were:

  • Implementation of NATO Directives and standards for effective: NBC monitoring, reconnaissance, detection, identification and decontamination of radiological, chemical and biological agents;
  • Proposal of new models of practical training in direction of more effective prevention and management of NBC agents;
  • Practical implementation of best practices and experiences for NBC reconnaissance, identification and decontamination conducted by NATO member states;

The agenda of the integrated final exercise included the following thematic units that were practically elaborated:

  • Introductory part in which the participants were introduced with the practical use of all NBC equipment for: reconnaissance, surveillance and decontamination;
  • The role of the commander and the unit in dealing with NBC incidents;
  • Tactical methods and procedures for reconnaissance of NBC direction and region;
  • Practical work of NBC teams on reconnaissance and identification of NBC agents;
  • Tactical procedures of NBC teams for taking NBC agents from: air, soil and water for further laboratory analysis;
  •  Tactical operations for NBC defense in different natural environments;

The integrated final exercise was realized through the following sequential steps:

  • Establishment and operation of a primary control point for early NBC detection;
  • Identification and dosimetry of NBC agents during the secondary control;
  • Undertaking primary measures and procedures for NBC protection;
  •  Undertaking secondary measures and procedures for NBC protection;
  • Final measures and procedures for NBC protection and complete neutralization of NBC agents from manpower, facilities, material and in other means.

Finally this exercise is only preparation for the course in the NATO NBC center of excellence in Viskov, Czech Republic. Where the NBC cadets from Military academy will have opportunity to take a pat and to work with real NBC agents. The course will be realized during 15.05-21.05.2022 year.