Successful realization of the workshop “Adult education and methodologies for teaching” held by representatives of the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme- NATO DEEP

In the period 12.02 – 16.02.2018, in order to improve everyday process of education, a five-day workshop was held at the Military Academy on the topic “Adult education and methodologies for teaching”

The workshop was organized within the framework of the initiated project of the Military Academy to the NATO  Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP), and for this purpose two experts certified for adult educators and teaching methodology were engaged by DEEP, one from the USA and from the Republic of Croatia.

The workshop program provided military and civilian professors of the Military Academy opportunity to discuss and reflect on adult learning principles and techniques (andragogy, active learning, learning styles, learner-centric learning, critical thinking, and Bloom’s Taxonomy). During the program of the workshop, a lot of facilitated seminars, panels, debates, games, case method and role-playing wore conducted in order to validate active learning methods during the week.

Upon completion of the workshop and according to the discussions, the further steps in the cooperation between the experts and the staff at the Military Academy were defined. In accordance with the agreed, in the next period, experts will be engaged through the NATO DEEP program to conduct additional workshops and training according to the needs of the teaching staff of the Military Academy.