Successful realization of the workshop ” Аssessment and evaluation ” held by representatives of the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme – NATO DEEP

In the period 16.04 – 20.04.2018, in order to improve the everyday process of education, a five-day workshop was held at the Military Academy on the topic ” Аssessment and evaluation”.

The workshop was an extension to the previous workshop held from 19-23 March 2018 on the topic “Curriculum development”, and it is part of the previously an initiated project between the Military Academy and the NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP). For this purpose, two experts certified for the Curriculum development wore engaged by DEEP, one from the USA and from the Republic of Croatia.

The workshop program provided military and civilian professors of the Military Academy opportunity to discuss and reflect on:
• Panel Discussion – The Syllabus – Purpose and Perspectives;
• Future War – Active Learning Approach;
• Computer-Based Instruction;
• Assessment Overview;
• Assessment Models and Alternative Assessment Methods (Blended Learning);
• Assessment Tools (K) Classroom Assessment Techniques (CAT);
• Feedback Methods;
• Assessment Tools (Rubric);
• Assessing essays and discussion;
• Assessment Exercise;
• Evaluation Theory and Model;
• Evaluation Tools Mini PIC Example;
• Evaluation Process;
• Validation.

Upon completion of the workshop, an assessment was made of all three workshops and proposals for planning for future initiatives of cooperation was made.