Military Academy, part of the Viking 22 exercise

In the period from March 28 to April 6, 2022, Captain Monika Kachurova MSc., a teaching assistant at the Military Academy, takes part in a computer-assisted international exercise Viking 22, in the Kingdom of Sweden. Her role was to evaluate the technical support of the cyber exercise as part of the exercise evaluation team.

Viking 22 is a distributed exercise using computer technology where units commanding various headquarters “virtually fight” with the help of simulations.

Viking 22 is based on an entirely new international scenario “Northern Continent”, built on the Nordic geography, but where the content is taken from modern-age conflicts. The scenario is adapted to Nato doctrines and the processes used in operations. All of this offers a great opportunity for staff to learn and practice with international colleagues within the framework of joint operations.

More than 50 countries and 70 civilian organizations (civilians, military personnel, and police) took part in the exercise for military and civilian cooperation and it was realized in Enköping in the Kingdom of Sweden. Participants were distributed in nine locations, in six different countries. The core of the exercise/simulation was in Enköping in the Kingdom of Sweden, where about 1,000 soldiers, civilians, and police were deployed, with additional participants in other Swedish cities: Uppsala, Karlskrona, and Kungsängen.

The exercise is part of Swedish – US cooperation that has been ongoing since 1999 that was introduced as an international forum for cooperation at the Nato Washington summit.