Military academy hosted and established cooperation with the International Hellenic University

In the period of 24-27 January 2020, a return visit was made by a delegation from the International Hellenic University led by the Vice-Rector, Professor Dimitrios Emmanouloudis.

During the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed and topics covered by the Memorandum were discussed such as: Joint organization of scientific research activities, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops and joint efforts to secure funding from external sources; Considering the possibility of developing a joint master’s program and technical support in education / training; Considering the possibility of organizing courses providing international licenses for first responders, firefighters and rescue workers and other required courses within the scope of the Military Academy’s mission ; Exchange of academic staff between the two institutions; Exchange of students between the two sides in order to promote study opportunities as well as Exchange of scientific information of common interest through the exchange of scientific journals, electronic journals, publications, textbooks and more of interest to both parties.