Successfully accomplished kick-off meeting of the Erasmus + project „Future Classrooms’ Leadership“

In the period from 03-05. April 2022, representatives of the Military Academy took part in the first transnational (kick-off) meeting of the Erasmus + KA220 project “Future Classrooms’ Leadership” which took place in Pultusk, Poland.
This kick-off meeting was led by the project coordinator prof. Monika Jovorska, and the meeting goal was to familiarise the attendees with the details, plans and activities of the involved institutions, fine-tune different aspects of the project activities, and explanation of financial rules and procedures. Additionally, partners exchanged their opinions and experiences in order to be more efficient in the realization of the tasks arising from the project.
During the meeting, the participants had the opportunity to meet and discuss with the Mayor of Pultusk who gave unreserved support to the project.

The project will be implemented from March 2022 to March 2024. Participants in the project are representatives from the Republic of Poland as coordinators and partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Italy. The main goal of the project is to fill the gap in the digital competence of partners, by incorporating digital tools and developing skills for communication and cooperation with the EU institutions.