Successfully accomplished LTTA project activity by representatives from the Military Academy on the topic “Short-term staff training”

From 08-13 April 2022, the „Sosyal Etki Derneği“ Association from the Republic of Turkey organized and hosted Erasmus + LLTA (learning activity, teaching, training) on the topic “Short-term staff training”, part of the Erasmus + project “Integration of digital learning in educational programs”.

Besides the participants from the Military Academy, 14 additional representatives from the Republic of Finland, the Republic of Portugal, the Republic of Turkey, and the Czech Republic actively participated in the event. Within the activity, specific directions were given for further activities related to the project, as well as an evaluation of the previous activities.

The representatives of the „Sosyal Etki Derneği“ Association through their presentations:

• Introduced the Turkish education system;
• Demonstrated tools that would be used during the educational process;
• Demonstrated implementation of educational games in the education process;
• The results of the questionnaires for evaluation of the teaching processes were additionally presented.

The Erasmus+ project “Integrating Digital Learning Competencies into the Education Curriculum” aims to raise students’ digital skills and is based on digital competence which is one of the 8 core competencies proposed by the European Parliament and the Council for Lifelong Learning. Digital competence includes the secure and critical use of information society technology (IST) for business, communication, and effective networking. This is supported by the basic skills of modern information technology: the use of computers for receiving, evaluating, storing, producing, presenting, and exchanging information and communicating and participating in collaborative information networks.