The Military Academy with the realization of CYBER SECURITY DRILL (Tabletop Exercise – TTX) once again proved that it is one of the regional leaders in the field of cyber security

The Military Academy is once again recognized as one of the leaders in the field of cyber security in the region. This time with the support of the US State Department, together with CRDF GLOBAL and the Cyber Security, Corporate Security and Crisis Management Initiative – C3I Skopje, the Military Academy is the organizer of CYBER SECURITY DRILL (Tabletop Exercise – TTX).

The workshop was attended by over 30 participants from the region who are cyber professionals from CERT / CSIRT, key public and private sectors related to cyber security, including providers related to critical infrastructure.

This capacity-building TTX workshop aims to enhance selected participants’ skills in testing and evaluating government coordinating structures, processes, and capabilities regarding cyber event response and recovery, and provide a basis for government stakeholders to self-identify and address accordingly issues related to cybersecurity incident response capabilities and process gaps.

The Dean of the Military Academy, prof. Mitko Bogdanoski, opened the event with an introductory address as well as an introductory presentation on “Confronting the contemporary cybersecurity challenges”. Prof. Metodi Hadzi-Janev, also had a lecture on the topic “Strategic and legal aspects of governing responses to cyber based-threats”. In addition to the above professors from the Military Academy, a significant part in the preparation and realization of the exercise was done by prof. Dimitar Bogatinov, and teaching assistant Goce Stevanoski, MA.

Tomorrow participants will fight the scenario designed to fit the targeted countries’ dynamics in cybersecurity, critical infrastructure protection and cyber defense challenges.