Expected Results

We will develop, experimentally implement, and test an integrated advanced system for early detection and monitoring of forest fires that integrates sensor networks and mobile (drone) technologies for data collection and acquisition at existing crisis management information systems (CMIS).

This system will help for further development and the implementation of different methodologies for initial stage warning, localization and organization of the firefighting teams and tactics to suppress the disaster and will have the described below impacts.

Expected results of the project short term impact

  1. Sharing and exchange of data for forest fires between the different levels of prevention, preparedness and rescue agencies, services, and institutions.
  2. Proper standards for communication with the goal of overcoming the challenges of dependence of the information systems on known and already used technology described, and an information system created and implemented, as a whole, based on structure-oriented architecture.
  3. Cost reduction of real-time approach for forest fires detection and monitoring in national parks. Automatic processing of information for forest fires establishment and optionally system alert generation.
  4. Forest fires categorized according to severity and by the degree of endangering forest areas of particular importance and other area with endemic speeches of threes.
  5. Drone solution and gateway experiments.
    1. Delay-tolerant network solutions and gossip protocols for hop-by-hop spreading of urgent sensor data (fire alarms) developed.
  6. Main actors and systems and their possible level of integration to the integrated solution of the project specification.
  7. Simulation of predicting of forest fires behavior network. End-to-end testing, verification and validation.
  8. Developed solution will be implemented with the existing tower infrastructure.
  9. Detection of forest fire is increased and significantly reduce of the false alarms.
  10. Possibility of management in command various types of barriers, tourniquets, locks and locking mechanisms in the protected or surround area.
  11. Object tracking option of a fire or intruder.
  12. Safety standards for communication, controlling access, sharing and dissemination of the data in use.
  13. Coordination and cooperation of services included in the prevention, preparedness and rescue process improved.
  14. Achieved results implemented in framework of law.
  15. Data sharing to Data centers in all across Europe and Non El) countries.
  16. Developed software and hardware solutions in different parts of the network are validated.
  17. View how and what to integrate at national and international/ European level.
  18. Protection of people and properties from forest fires improved and negatives impacts of climate changes reduction.
  19. Assessment of forest fires is improved. Manpower and technical equipment and management that answer to crisis situations is more appropriate and faster. Functions of CM are improved.
  20. Capacities for detection of forest fires and monitoring of forest areas of particular importance which are rich with endemic specimens of flora and fauna in real time are developed and damages caused by forest fires in forest areas of particular importance are significantly reduced.
  21. Received serial data from measurements are in use for improving experiences in detection and monitoring of forest fires and opened for added values.
    1. All products will be ready for integration on European level and with heterogeneous systems.

Expected results of the project medium term impact

Expected results of the project long-term impact

Added value of the results of this project would be the more appropriate method of monitoring the forest areas of particular importance (such as national parks and other area with endemic speeches of flora and fauna). Development, test and integration of advanced systems for prevention and early detection of forest fires can serve as a model for monitoring of the forest areas of particular importance in other countries/governments and national parks in Europe. Also, other public bodies in Europe responsible for Crisis Management can learn from the project. The developed system will be scalable and component-based and will allow easy integration on many existing systems using standardized interfaces. In this sense, the added value of the project is proof of concepts at European level.

Implementation of this project will increase the need for production of mobile equipment for detecting of forest fires and monitoring of forest area of particular importance and improvement of information systems used for detecting of forest fires. During last years, intensive research has been done in area of improvement of sensitivity of sensors for detecting of forest fires and improving percentage of detected forest fires using stationary equipment.